Is Installing New Bolts Enough?

Is Installing New Bolts Enough?

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Nothing is ever enough when it comes to security matters. Deadbolt installation is surely the first step towards more secure entry points but is it enough? The truth is that there's not a straight answer to this question since each property has its own unique characteristics and, thus, it would require different methods of approach. When we're talking about a small apartment with two windows and one main door, there are certainly limitations to what one can do. Will good security door locks be needed as well? Most certainly, they will and although windows are not reachable easily in apartments, having good window locks and keeping them locked are both vital.Is Installing New Bolts Enough?

Though, when it comes to ground floor family houses, the problem extends. Here we're dealing with ground level windows and doors, much larger residences and too many entry points. So, these dwellings make easier targets and due to their special construction peculiarities, they need more attention when picking new door locks or taking decisive steps.

Change locks and change the way you're thinking

Keeping one's house secure is actually an on-going task. You need front door lock change on Monday and on Friday you discover that the living room sliding glass doors don't lock well. Locks are durable but no one can guarantee that they won't be destroyed by someone picking on them. They freeze in cold temperatures and get dirty during hot days. In other words, their maintenance is part of the game and, of course, the smallest issue will call for immediate lock repair.

Keys get distorted, lost, rusty and easily stolen. That's why key replacement is common and duplicates always come handy. Apart from good locks and keys, properties need extra systems. You cannot keep intruders away just by having the front and back door locks replaced. Installing cameras, alarms, motion detectors and other burglar deterrents is very important not only because they'll make breaking-in a very hard task but they'll also discourage the perpetrators in the first place.

Focusing on security issues is simply part of your everyday life. After all, if a key is lost, it must be replaced. If the lock doesn't work properly, it must be fixed. When new products come out, it's also good to check them out. You never know what might suit your needs. Everyone's effort is centered in eliminating home invasions and our cooperation plays a definite role.

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