A list of questions and answers to guide you better.

A list of all possible questions about lock maintenance.

Should I invest in file cabinets?

File cabinets are very useful even at homes. Although most offices keep data in computers these days, there are always documents in hard copies and other stuff belonging to customers that must be secured. Securing them in file cabinets but also making sure that your file cabinet locks good is important according to our professionals.

Is it wise to get a safe at home?

It's actually very prudent to install safes at home, especially if you keep valuables. Valuables do not come only in the form of jewelry and money but also in the form of personal documents. It's best to think well before safe installation as to where you'll put the safe. It's best if it's hidden.

What’s the solution for lost car key?

The ignition is rekeyed to prevent someone from using the old key. The new transponder key is programmed to work with the vehicle.

What causes a lock’s bolt to get jammed?

This usually happens when the strike plate is misaligned or damaged. In this case, the locking mechanism cannot pull the bolt out of the socket in the door jamb. This issue can be easily resolved with proper repair. Another possible cause for this problem is a broken locking mechanism. The only solution is replacing the broken component. Depending on the design, the entire lock may have to be changed.

Can you open my car without scratching it or doing any damage?

Yes. For most car lockouts, our technicians are trained to pick the door lock open with no more damage than if you were to use your own key. On rare occasions, we may use a special tool to open your door and it has protection so that using it does not scratch or damage your car. Call our experts when you need our services to open your car door. We guarantee there will be no damage whatsoever.

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